Music   is my Medicine

“Our brother convert Hugo incurred a strange mental disease which caused him to think he was a lost soul and was adjudicated eternal damnation. Prior Thomas suspected that he was vexed by the same disease as King Saul who found relief when David plucked his harp. The Prior gave permission that a melody be played without restraint in the presence of brother Hugo to try and dispel the delusions.”  

- From Gaspar Ofhuys’ chronicle on Hugo van der Goes.

Does music - and art in general – have healing powers?

It is no coincidence that we are asking that question right here, at St John’s Hospital. And that we have named the final section of this exhibition ‘Music is my Medicine’. Take a seat. Watch and listen to three moving testimonies about the healing power of music. What kind of music brings meaning to your life, provides comfort or, on the contrary, fills you with strength and inspiration?